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The Evolution of Coaching in Mental Health

I saw an advertisement and an article recently that validated me and what I do in a strange way. It was all about course for qualified counsellors who also want to become a coach. Advertised in a magazine for counsellors but also being shared in groups set up for counsellors. The price - almost £4000!!

As someone who works in mental health, it is validating and encouraging to see that coaching is getting true recognition by others in the mental health field. Recognising that, as coaches, we have skills and modalities that can help a client in ways that counselling cannot.

This article has also helped heal a wound.

Over the course of my coaching career I have come across a couple of mental health professionals who have said things about me being "just a coach". One actually said it to another about me, in front of me. I was taking part in the actual conversation. I honestly feel it was done in an effort to belittle me.

I'm not going to lie, I was fuming yet I said nothing, refusing to let myself down as a professional. I chose to accept that some of the feelings I had were centred around my own life experiences for various reasons, but it has still been a bit of a bugbear, even after all this time.

All this despite a conversation with another professional and much trusted friend, who reminded me that I had worked just as long and as hard as the person who said it and had the right to as much respect as anyone else.

Seeing this advert, as well as an article that drew on the value of coaching as a form of talking therapy, has helped in dissipating this bugbear, even if the person who said it to my face never sees it.

I know it may not mean much to anyone reading this, but it means a lot to me.

I suppose the message here is pay no heed when others belittle your achievements, no matter who they are and no matter what they say, whatever their reasons.

If it has taken you some effort to get to where you are today, then that effort is valid whether others see it or not.

As a coach it's part of my role to validate your feelings, your efforts and your achievements. The things that you 'do' in an effort to make improvements in your life. In my eyes as a coach, your journey is valid and where appropriate celebrated, never compared and certainly never belittled.

At this point I'm going to leave you with a quote from Kahlil Gibran - "To belittle, you must be little".

Think about that.


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