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Meet Siobhain

Certified Life Coach and Neurodivergent too!

I have been supporting families where neurodiversity is a part of their lives since 2006. I trained as a life coach in 2017 and since then have spent my time working in the charity sector.  My coaching has evolved into specialist coaching over time, working with a range of neurodivergent clients (diagnosed or not, self diagnosis is enough). Even if you are only now considering that you may have ADHD or Autism, there are still things that you can work on to help make life flow a bit easier than it may do at present.

My own neurodiversity allows me to think outside the box which can come in useful with my client work.  Part of this work has been helping them understand who they are, how their brain works, the part they play in this world, as well as engaging with other people in their lives, be it at home, work and as a parent, partner, work colleague or friend.

I think the most important message for those who have a diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism, OCD or one of the many other types of neurodiversity, young or old, is this:


We are not broken, we don't need to be fixed.  Our neurodiversity means that our brains work in a different way and that is OK.

Why choose me as your coach?

​Sometimes one of the hardest tasks is choosing what type of help you need and who can help.  In choosing me I can assure you that:

  • I will  listen to you and empathise. Your feelings are valid.

  • I will use a range of coaching techniques. This is about supporting you to make the changes you want in your life, as identified by you.

  • I will treat you with respect and unconditional positive regard.

  • I will ensure that coaching happens at your pace, fast or slow.

  • I understand the personal struggles that come from being an individual with ADHD.

  • As your coach, I will hold you accountable. The only person responsible for actioning the changes you want is you. 

  • I understand on a personal level how different aspects of ADHD can affect different areas in life e.g. work, relationships.

  • I am a parent of an autistic child with ADHD and PDA syndrome and appreciate that having neurodiversity in the family affects everyone in different ways.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo showing an open notebook and pen.  On the page is written "We create our reality from our daily choices. The world consists of billions of realities@
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