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Sessions - what exactly happens?

People normally ask what happens at a session.  Well in all honesty, each life coaching session is unique to the individual and are usually a positive experience. They do follow a basic structure. One thing remains the same for every individual that I work with; you are met with unconditional positive regard, empathy and no judgement whatsoever! That can be difficult to find in today's world.

In your initial session, whether it is online or in-person, we go over the contract first.  As a professional life coach, it is our agreement to work together and ensures you understand my obligations to you as a client. This does not take long as it is usually sent via email before you arrive. You have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have concerning the contract, as it looks at confidentiality and GDPR etc.  Once the contract is agreed, I then look to finding out a bit more about you and your life to establish what is going on at present. We will aim to set goals before the session finishes.  What these are depends on what you tell me.  You decide what areas in life you wish to improve. 

In your next session (and those that follow) we will spend the first 10 minutes catching up on set goals and tasks, celebrating achievements and, if unmet, examining barriers and establishing what got in the way. 

As the session progresses, I will ask open questions or use a relevant tool or technique to establish what is important and realistic for you and eventually 'hammer down'.  This is where you decide if something is worth setting as a task or goal, and we then look into achieving it and how we measure its success.

At the end of the session, I check in with you to see if you feel you have made progress towards your outcome.  We will summarise our discussion, highlighting any key actions, themes or revelations taken from the session.  

There are also occasions where no goals are set.  This is usually because there is information that needs to be processed, allowing you time to build a greater awareness of how something may be affecting you.  These are the times when clients return to the next session with a greater understanding of who they are. Believe it or not this knowledge then helps to set further goals, be they personal and internal, or practical.  Knowledge really is power! 

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