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Pick your battles!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Even as someone who avoids conflict where possible, I still end up having arguments, fighting battles that I don't want or need.

How many times have we looked back and wished we have said nothing? How many times have we ran over a conversation in our heads, after the fact, and thought "I should't have spoken/acted/reacted the way I did?".

Sometimes the fallout from attending the argument, makes life even more difficult and can end up affecting our relationships with our loved ones, friends and colleagues. Some can be repaired and others have lasting damage.

Sometimes the hardest battle goes on within your own head as you interpret your own or other peoples actions and words and create an argument or battle within. Sometimes we take things personally and to heart when it isn't really meant that way and create all sorts of stress. It's a skill all of it's own.

Sometimes we get exhausted with it all.

Sometimes we end up playing a part in an argument we wish we hadn't been invited to. I like to call this other peoples drama. Sometimes we aren't even invited, sometimes we decide to gatecrash.

What strikes me most about the quote above is that makes it very clear that we have a choice. Do you need to turn up for every argument?

If we refuse the invite would we have the same level of stress? Would we be experiencing the same emotions or inner turmoil? Would the outcomes be the same?

Sometimes we accept the invite because we think we are right. We might think we know better and maybe we do. That then leads to the the next question.... Would you rather be right or be happy??

If you make the conscious choice to say nothing or walk away, have you really lost?


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