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Get ADHD specific Life Coaching from a Coach who understands first-hand what it's like to have ADHD.

In-person and online coaching to help you find better ways to live, study or work. 

How can I help?

 As an individual with ADHD I have struggled in life; there are some things that are difficult for our ADHD brain. Things such as:

  • Sustaining focus and attention on tasks

  • Impulsivity and procrastination

  • Being very easily distracted

  • Prioritising tasks

  • Lacking motivation at times where I feel I need it most

  • Running out of time to do things

  • Or, if I do have time, I leave it to the last minute, adding additional pressure

  • Poor working memory, forgetting things no matter how important they may be

  • Decision making

  • Emotional outbursts

  • Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

I can help you see that your ADHD is something you can work with, using coaching specific to you. I know from my own experience that the ADHD brain has many strengths too, it's the matter of realising what they are and unleashing their potential. 


Using proven tools and techniques to suit you as an individual, we find ways to take you forward in life.  I can help you improve and succeed at things such as:

  • Time management

  • Organisational skills

  • Attention to detail and tasks

  • Motivation and momentum

  • Increased working memory and retention skills

  • Making the right choices for you

  • Regulating Emotions

I also work with parents, caregivers and partners of ADHD and autistic individuals.  This work can help you gain a better understanding of how things are for your loved one, as well as looking at different ways and means of creating relationships that are more fulfilling for all involved. 

I also work with individuals where ADHD/Autism play no part in their lives at all.  I do indeed have a niche but am open to enquiries from everyone. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez of two people sitting at a table sharing a cup of coffee

What I Specialise In

Adult ADHD Coaching

Coaching Parents of children and young people with ADHD

and other neurodivergent 


Coaching Strategies for employees, managers and executives with ADHD

Breakthrough Sessions

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